5 Reasons You Need to Invest in A Chatbot for Your E-commerce Customer Service

 02 September, 2021
 3 min read

You started an e-commerce business, and finally were able to get everything in line and the business started doing rather well. So much so that now you’ve started thinking about hiring more customer service agents and being available 24/7 to your customers.

But, would the expenditure really make sense? Well, then, my friend, you are in need of an e-commerce customer service chatbot to solve the problem.

Market Insider has predicted that by 2024 chatbot market will generate 9.4 billion dollars in a year. This number tells you that more and more e-commerce customer services are relying on chatbots every day.

Here we will discuss 5 reasons you need to invest in a chatbot for your online customer service. After reading this, you may even consider deploying a chatbot for your e-commerce store.

Now let's look at the reasons.

When it comes to chatbot, the important thing to understand is when and how to use it. Sure, if you put your chatbot to bring in all your sales, it will probably fail, but if you position it in a way that enhances the performance of your customer service agents, you can see wonders unravel.

So, why should you invest in a chatbot? Here is the answer:

Makes you available 24/7 with Necessary Responses:

Unlike human employees, chatbots don’t need rest. They will continuously answer people’s queries day & night.

This availability does not only help to gain your customer’s trust, it greatly reduces much of your work as well.

A Survey in 2020 found that 31.2% of customers want a response to their query in less than 60 minutes. It means you should not keep your customer waiting.

If you want to give your customer a good experience you need to make sure they quickly get what they are looking for.

You can only ensure this through chatbot because it will be constantly available.

Deals With Multiple Customers Simultaneously:

Your customer service agents can only manage one customer at a time. But they are filled with many queries every minute, and maybe not all queries need personal attention!

But it’s not feasible to filter out the necessary ones without responding. You also can’t stop responding to people. What do you do? You start hiring more agents! WRONG! Hiring new people means loads of work and hassle.

Chatbots can simultaneously deal with multiple customers. In addition, no one has to wait for what they are looking for. They can filter out many filler queries so that your customer service agents can focus better on the real ones!

Generates More Conversation:

Research showed 52% of millennials prefer automated interaction rather than communicating with humans.

The possible reason for this preference is,

  • Chatbot quickly provides the precise answer
  • There is no fear of being judged for their choices
  • You can ask any question to a chatbot without worrying about sounding silly

These factors make conversation with a chatbot more comfortable. And this is why the majority of people would choose automated conversation over interacting with a real human. When you have a chatbot instead of an alternate system, you are getting more engagement. This is what you need if you want your business to grow.

Saves  A Lot More Than You Think:

Chatbot is not only convenient but a cheaper option as well.

When it comes to traditional customer service you have to pay the employee, arrange a computer device for them, ensure a proper workplace, and whatnot. A chatbot doesn’t require any of this despite being more active than other alternatives.

Glassdoor estimated that the salary of an average customer service representative in the USA is more than 2,500 USD. And there are other factors of expenses that you have to consider as well.

Chatbot gets you rid of these headaches and allows you to focus on growing your business.

Brings All Your Channels Under One Umbrella:

We all know your business will interact with more potential customers if your e-commerce customer service is accessible through different platforms such as messenger or WhatsApp. But having different channels requires different sets of dedicated teams.

Well, it’s true if you are talking about employing humans for this task.

An advanced ai chatbot can help by building a strong omnichannel e-commerce website. Moreover, chatbots can interact with customers on different platforms in the same flow as well.

If you’re still not convinced, know that 80% of businesses are considering to shift to a chatbot worldwide today! That brings the burning question, from thousands of chatbots, Which chatbot is right for your eCommerce store?

Feel free to Book A Consultancy with MyAlice before you drown yourselves with thousand other complex chatbot alternatives and find the right solution for you!

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