6 Reasons A Chatbot is Wrong for Your E-commerce Customer Service

 25 August, 2021
 3 min read

If you are planning to install a chatbot for your e-commerce customer service then WAIT, the time may not be right yet.

Chatbots definitely are impressive and worthy of your consideration. But it may not fit your business. Inappropriate usage of chatbot can be very harmful to your e-commerce business in general.

So, don’t waste your money or put your business at risk with hasty decisions. Instead, we suggest you take a look at the following 6 points to know if a chatbot is the right option for your business.

1. You Don’t Have The Budget

If you are just starting a business, you may not have the budget to install a chatbot.

Why? Because customized chatbots can cost you a lot of money. Even subscription based platforms also start from $50, which may not be a worthy expenditure if you’re only getting started.

Try to take a different approach when you don’t have this budget. You can outsource the customer service management to a virtual assistant with hourly commitment or even take the responsibility yourself since your business is only at its primary stage.

So, don’t take a loan to deploy a chatbot. You don’t need them yet.

2. Your E-commerce Customer Service Is Not Busy Enough

Let’s say, you just started your business. You definitely don’t expect to have visitors swarming in your e-commerce site from the very beginning. If you get a chatbot now, it will just stay idle.

So, don’t deploy a chatbot just yet. Instead, focus on drawing more people into your business.

You can deploy a chatbot once your e-commerce site gets enough traffic. That way, the return of investment will seem worthy to you.

3. Your Target Audience Is From Generation X:

The chatbot may be great for millennials but not for boomers. If your business aims to attract senior citizens, then you may not need automated customer service. Almost 57% of generation X do online shopping and only 33.5% of these customers use chatbots.

The senior citizens and generation x of our time prefers the method of calling into customer service, an age old option they are acquainted with. Although a chatbot can provide the humane experience of customer service, chances are, you need to build an entire customer service team to receive phone calls to cater to them.

4. Miss Out On Sale Opportunities

According to Invesp’s estimation,

around 13% of customer sales come from recommendation. It means your business can grow faster if you can recommend the perfect product to your customer.

However, you may not get the chance to utilize this opportunity, if your chatbot doesn’t function that way. Poor or weak chatbots don’t have enough power to recommend products or services to your customer.

In contrast to this, a powerful chatbot can generate effective suggestions on its own. It can identify the customer’s needs and recognize the suitable product for them. But, it requires maintenance and investments. If you can’t afford to meet these conditions then maybe you should wait for the perfect opportunity instead of deploying the chatbot right now.

5. You Don’t Have Backups

Chatbots are great. If you set up a chatbot with high functionality, it may even generate good conversations. But the thing is, they are not human.

Though chatbot works as an alternative to human agents, it is important to keep the option of allowing your customer to communicate with a non-automated representative.

Some of your customers may not be able to express their query or need properly. Or they can still remain unsatisfied with the solution your chatbot provides. This is not the fault of your chatbot, nor is it the fault of your customer.

But you have to provide your customer with whatever they want. So before installing a chatbot make sure you have backups ready. If you can’t manage to do so then you should probably wait.

6. Your Website Security Is Not Strong Enough:

Did you know chatbots can put your website at risk if you are not cautious?

Yes, in case your website’s security isn’t strong enough then chatbot can be an easy path for hackers to take over your business site. So if you don’t want to lose your business to some hackers, don’t deploy a chatbot until your website’s security is strong enough to prevent such occurrence.

A chatbot can be a good option for your business. However, it can also lead to failure. So be cautious while making any decision. If you can relate to any of the above-discussed points then don’t think of using chatbot just yet.

But if neither of these issues is your concern then go ahead and book a consultancy with MyAlice to find the right option for your e-commerce customer service.

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