9 Tips to Skyrocket Your E-Commerce Customer Service Success

 11 July, 2021
 3 min read

Setting up an e-commerce customer service is not easy. But it can be simple enough if you are aware of the right things to do. Not knowing these points can badly affect your overall business. In fact, businesses lose billions of dollars due to improper utilization of customer service.

Don’t fall into their group. Instead, take a look at our e-commerce customer service setup guide. This checklist will help you to perfectly organize your e-commerce customer service and save your business from possible disasters.

1. Adopt The Multichannel Strategy:

While setting up your business, you should try to reach out to people from every platform possible because your potential customers are everywhere.

In fact, 73% of online shoppers come to know about a business from different platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

So integrating your customer service into different channels will definitely increase your business’s interaction rate.

2. Offer 24/7 Live Chat:

One of the most significant differences between e-commerce and traditional business is the fact that the prior always stays open.

Being always available means you can have visitors any time of the day. So it goes without saying that your customer service has to be active 24/7.

Through ensuring such a service can be difficult and expensive if you are working with human employees, using a chatbot can be more effective in this context.      

3. Provide In-App Customer Support For Mobile Users:

Since last year, around 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase through their phones.

This is not all, 65% of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile users. These numbers make it apparent that the majority of your customers interact with your business through smartphones.

So, you should definitely design your service keeping their convenience in mind. You can look to offer in-app customer support so that the majority of your consumers can get their answers with minimum difficulty.

4. Collect Customer Data & Use Them Properly:

Whether your customer service is automated or not, you can always store the data of your customer. Your customer’s preference, method of communication, and even their names can be valuable information.

Think about this for a moment. If you revisited a shop and someone called you by your name and showed you a collection of products that you like, how would you feel?

This can lead to further sales. In addition, it puts a good impression on your customer service. It shows that you care. So don’t ignore the valuable data of your customers.

5. Learn From The Customer Reviews:

Customers can be the best teachers. Their overall experience and recommendation can develop your business quicker.

The best thing about this is you are getting tips on improving for free. But you have to ask for feedback and review.

Almost 70% of the customers leave a review if they are requested to do so. Don’t lose this opportunity.

Ask your customer to leave a review after each session and work on those feedbacks.

Many companies make the mistake of not taking user’s recommendations into consideration. Don’t be one of them.

6. Don’t Bombard Your Customer With Recommendations:

To be honest, customers don’t like the hundreds of recommendation emails they get from the company after just buying a single item. It puts a bad impression on the business.

Try to avoid doing that. But recommendations are very important. More than 31% of overall e-commerce revenues come from recommendations.

So, instead of presenting numerous products to your customers, try to suggest to them the best offer your service is providing at the end of a conversation.

7. Provide Direct Answer To The Questions Of Your Customers:

Always value the time of your customer. When your customer asks for help, provide them direct guidance.

Don’t try to suggest products as the solution to their problems.

This kind of behavior irritates them and it overall puts a bad impression on your customer service.

8. Follow Up With The Customers:

Contact your customer after they have made a purchase. You can let them know about your offers and discounts as well when you are checking on them.

This will not irritate them at all. In fact, your customer will be flattered and think positively about your customer service.

If you reach out to know their opinion, this good impression may even drive them to make more purchases.

9. Be Patient & Tolerant:

It’s important for your customer service to be thick-skinned because around 35% of the customers communicate angrily with customer service.

But the customers are always right. So make sure your customer service agents don’t return the emotion of your customer.

Talking patiently to a raging client can calm them down pretty quickly. And it can make them feel positive about your customer service as well.

Any e-commerce is incomplete without customer service. It is the backbone of your online e-commerce business.

You have to deal with this particular aspect of your business with the utmost consideration. Following the points we discussed above will help you with this. So heed our suggestion with care and stay one step ahead toward success.

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