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Ifran Hossain
Ifran Hossain Aug. 27, 2020

Why would you need a chatbot?

As an entrepreneur or a software developer, you might have already realized the benefits of chatbots in customer service. You are human, so it becomes difficult to respond to every hello in your inbox on time.

If you are not already aware, then let us quickly tell you that automating your customer service can give you exponential benefits with the help of AI chatbots. Customer needs can be quickly resolved without the need for human supervision or human interference if you build your own customer support chatbot. Let’s take a look at how Alice Chatbots can help you succeed in your business.

MyAlice Chatbots is Absolutely Free for You

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Building your own chatbot has never been this simple. With just a few clicks and drag-able buttons and blocks, you can build your own chatbot through the platform that is provided by MyAlice. You will find the four main features of our platform which will enable you to make a chatbot and integrate it with all of your online chat and messaging channels. We take you on a tour with our guide upon signing up to make things even easier for you!

The 4 Main features of MyAlice chatbot platform

Visual Chatbot Builder

This feature lets you properly realize the chatbot benefits to customers. You can build your own chatbot using drag and drop features. You can send text, images, gifs, videos, or almost anything based on what the user wants. It also allows you to collect user data and set different rules for engaging the user.

This is one of the easiest ways to build a chatbot anywhere on the internet. What’s more fascinating is that MyAlice guides and tutorials will help you every step of the way if you face any difficulties.

Automation based on Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing or shortly NLP is a really cool artificial intelligence tool that lets your conversational AI analyze large amounts of natural language data to become more and more efficient with its responses to queries!

This means that your journey with MyAlice will continue to improve once you start together. It’s exciting for your customers too as they will never be bored to chat with MyAlice Chatbot.

Inbuilt Database and Form

This feature allows you to automate conversations within your chatbots from your existing chat and messaging channels in minutes.

You know what this means, don’t you? You can check your previous messages, understand your responses and start building on them right when you land on our platform. Did we mention that the platform is free to check out? Well, then, why wait? Register now! 

API Integration

You can also use our API to connect with your website backend. If you don’t understand this jargon, worry not, mention this to your developers who built your site and they can get the job done for you in a few minute’s worths of time. 

This means you can use our technology wherever you are, on whatever website you own. Isn’t that exciting? 

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