Can AI Powered Chatbot Help an E-Commerce Customer Service?

Shuvo Rahman
Shuvo Rahman Aug. 26, 2020

Can AI Powered Chatbot Help an E-Commerce Customer Service?

The time for E-commerce exclusivity is well beyond us. There was a time when creating an e-commerce marketplace only meant resulting in profitability and soaring success, but the market is not as saturated as every other marketplace we can see. 

The biggest problem for the upcoming e-commerce businesses is the lack of attention span in baby boomers and millennials of the generation. If they are window shopping or looking for a product, chances are if you don’t get back to them right away, you don’t convert them as customers at all. 

But how can a conversational AI help you with this? Let us walk you through MyAlice Chatbot, which is an AI chatbot to better the online customer service of the e-commerce industry. 

Empowering Your Customer Service Agents

In today's ever-competitive economy, a business or an organization cannot compromise on its customers' satisfaction. And if we know anything about customers, it is that they ask a lot of questions. You can use MyAlice to automate the regular queries that you don’t need human authorization for. For example, you ask? 

Well, imagine a customer wants to know more details about your most selling product, or they are asking more about a product you’ve recently put up for sale. Now, imagine hundreds of similar queries, in your Facebook, in your webmail, in your Instagram. 

Do you really need one of your agents to be clogged in responding to this when you know that the best customer service chatbots are there to take care of it? Rather, you can free up your customer service agent’s time to help him/ her better focus on onboarding the high-value client s/he’s talking to. 

Creating a Seamless Experience for Consumers 

In such a saturated e-commerce industry, every company is focusing on bringing the best user experience for all its consumers. If you are not focusing on the customer experience yet, it’s high time you started. An AI powered chatbot can massively upgrade your current customer experience.

For example, with MyAlice’s data lab feature, you can update your inventory easily, and the AI can take care of your communication from there. You can help clients book for products as per your inventory, and it can help you avoid any booking for products that have recently been sold out. 

It’s always a great experience for consumers to get responses easily, and it inspires them to pour their questions more, which conversational AI can easily take care of. And when there’s a time to convert, your agent can swoop in and push the consumer over the edge as a paying customer. Amusing, isn’t it?

Tracking Conversions to Create a Winning Team 

Customer service can make the winning difference for an e-commerce company in such a saturated market. People care about being served, be it offline or online. That means you need to focus more and look to better your customer service team.

But how exactly can you do that? Well, MyAlice brings you an exquisite feature where you can track your agents’ performance, analyze improvement scopes and implement it for the future. As an e-commerce business founder and manager of your team, you need to understand the improvement scopes of every department, and with MyAlice, improving your customer service is now only a few clicks away. 

You can check the activities of your agents, find how efficient they were in their responses, and check how many queries they were able to solve or convert to sales. This can give you great insights and drastically improve your team by providing personalized training to your agents.

MyAlice has been used by over 5 million people today and has generated over 500,000 USD in total sales for a variety of businesses and organizations. Be a part of this growing success by getting MyAlice today.

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