Make Way for Conversational AI: A Technology That is Here to Stay

Ifran Hossain
Ifran Hossain Aug. 27, 2020

If you’re any fan of sci-fi movies like the rest of the world, you probably wouldn’t be too comfortable with the rise of AI in the real world, bringing Terminator and Edge of Tomorrow in a gripping distance. But the sense of progress AI can put into your business strategy is amusing the world and businesses are slowly adapting to the trend. But it still begs everyone to ask the burning question, is an AI chatbot worth the dough?

Simple answer is…yes

Conversational AI like MyAlice, which helps you adapt to the latest technologies of the world, brings more benefits than you can imagine! If you’re wondering how it’s your time to read on.

Complete Control Over Customer Experience

In a world of Millennials and baby boomers validating your eCommerce shop every day, you also have to update your technology accordingly. With 30% of e-commerce shoppers being within the age of 18-30, where a separate study suggests Millenials prefer text messaging to phone calls, we can safely say that brings the relatable experience customers sought.

It allows customers to find the solution to their problems, as you choose to guide them. In other words, no human error can affect you with wrong responses or misinformation rendering a seamless experience in your customer’s mind.

Always On, Everywhere

Someone knocking at 4 AM? Keep sleeping. MyAlice will handle the query for you. Zero queries will go unanswered, regardless of which platform the query came on.

This unwavering support also fills the customer with a sense of trust towards the e-commerce shop, where they believe they will be taken care of in case a problem occurs.

MyAlice Chatbot

All Platforms In One Screen

Facebook Feed. Messenger. Viber. All knocking at once? It can drive anyone crazy. Our web applications help you with that, bringing in all queries to one dashboard where you can manage them. 

The benefits of conversational AI can also be the associating features that come with it. For example, some companies will offer you an omnichannel chatbot, whereas others might give you different customer service analytics. With MyAlice, you can have all of them!

Myth Busting

Chatbots can’t respond when people write in informal language! That’s where you will fall. Quite the opposite really. With our multiple language support and NLP (Natural Language Processing) tools, MyAlice can understand what your customers mean.

Now the basics

Employee costs and headaches are reduced to rubble. MyAlice will automatically reply to the many queries of your clients through all social media and digital channels. This will save you time and money as you can focus your resources on other vital departments of your business or organization.

Other Benefits?

Engage your clients in multiple languages Bangla, English, Bahasa, and Burmese.

  1. Does customer acquisition and lead generation
  2. Helps in promotion and Marketing
  3. Increase sales through online channels like messaging applications and social media
  4. Replies to all customer query almost instantly
  5. Helps in carrying out campaigns and surveys

Get MyAlice

Chatbots are not only used by small to medium-size businesses but also many conglomerates and multinationals. The reason is the same, they reduce overall costs, increase sales and revenue, and make customer service a priority. So why look for the right solution when it comes to customer service?

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