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Ifran Hossain
Ifran Hossain Aug. 27, 2020

Did this ever happen to you that you have an overflow of sudden queries in all your online customer service touchpoints and you don’t have enough people to respond to them?

Every query presents you an opportunity to not only sell but also generate a lifetime value for your consumers where you will continually earn profit for your businesses. And you probably can’t achieve any of that if you fail to respond to them timely in the first place. But, what is the solution here? Can hiring customer executives really help or do you need to look for something more optimum? 

The average base pay for every customer service executive is $42k a year, and even then, you can’t really ensure they are performing, nor can you efficiently take care of late-night queries should the need arise. Well, thankfully, conversational AI can efficiently solve the problem for you and has been doing so for quite some time with 60% of every millennial confirming their interaction with chatbot throughout the world! 

Benefits of chatbots in online customer service is two-fold, 

  • Efficient Responses: Hiring customer service executives is a grueling trial-and-error job for every manager. You can never know who will perform well or who will slack, and the end consumer has to suffer till you find your match. 

But with the most advanced AI chatbots, now you can safely automate a good chunk of your regular conversations and reduce the risk of slacking responses! 

  • Reduced Expenses: It’s commonly understood that creating a customized chatbot can be expensive, and it can be true in some cases. But MyAlice Chatbot comes with a great customizable option for you under $50! 

Now, let’s dig a little deeper in understanding how MyAlice AI Chatbot can help you with your queries: 

Automate Your Responses

By signing up for free on our platform, you will be onboarded to the MyAlice Dashboard. You can connect your Facebook feed, messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, website & app to our dashboard to start automating your queries. 

Building your own customized responses is more fun with MyAlice, you can create different sequences with already available buttons that we call ‘blocks’. Once automated, you won’t have to worry about responding to your customers ever again.

Find All Your Customers in One Place

MyAlice can help you automate 30% of your customer services with only a few minutes’ click, forever! Thanks to our omnichannel dashboard, you can now respond to your queries from one panel. You can also have access to the built-in CRM which will be updated automatically. In the CRM tool, you can see previous tickets, different responses and even create customized sequences. For example, let’s say that someone subscribes to your newsletter through their query, you can create the subscription sequence for them and automate their total journey with help of MyAlice!

Track Everything to Increase Efficiency

You can finally bid goodbye to inefficient agents because with MyAlice’s reports tab, you can track the performance of your agents and reward them accordingly. You can address issues more efficiently and better your customer service every day! 

You can also find user metrics and automation metrics to improve your offers to customers and find different insights that you can utilize for your e-commerce business. 

MyAlice online customer service is a great tool to deal with your queries the proper way. It’s time you utilized your opportunities to better your business without paying a fortune in advance.

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