Attain the Highest Customer Satisfaction with MyAlice Conversational AI

 01 September, 2021
 3 min read

When it comes to an e-commerce business, we know that it’s going to be a win for the long run if the business is established right. For that, every businessman needs to exclusively focus on increasing the lifetime value of their customers. But the more burning question is, how can they exactly do that? Well, with MyAlice, a conversational AI that can solve all your customer service hassles, you may have found an answer to that.

Well, the answer is much simpler than we think, it’s ensuring the highest customer satisfaction for all your converted customers. However, the implementation is not as simple as that. Contrarily, e-commerce businesses are rather struggling to keep their customers in one place without having to become spendthrift in their aggressive marketing. Now, with an overwhelming amount of customer queries with a significant number of added complaints, customer service is part and parcel of designing the consumer experience that can lead to better customer satisfaction. Let’s take a look at how MyAlice Conversational AI can help you achieve this!

Introducing MyAlice’s CSAT Sequence

To improve your customer satisfaction rate, first, you need to understand where you are with your customers right now. It is an extremely important aspect to track for every eCommerce customer service and with MyAlice Conversational AI, it is now accessible as well.

You can head over to the Reports tab anytime in your dashboard and check your current customer satisfaction rate.

To avail data in your customer service reports, you need to add the CSAT sequence (short for customer satisfaction) in your resolved sequence. The way it will work is, after a ticket gets resolved, your customer would be automatically asked to rate the quality of services from 1 to 5 ( 1 being the lowest) and rate the quality of the agent they talked to. You can also customize your CSAT sequence by adding or removing different CSAT Blocks from the builder option, you can check our guide to know more about how you can edit your ai chatbot.

Understanding CSAT Reports

The benefits of chatbots in customer service greatly increase when you can include a tracking system to understand and improve your customer satisfaction. Through the report system, you can truly unveil the current customer satisfaction situation of your company.

In the reports tab, we will show you the amount of time we sent the automated query to rate your services. You can see how many of your customers respond when they are asked to rate. This can give you clarity if your customers are significantly contributing to this feature, if not, you can think of asking this differently to return better results.

You can also find the average rating on the right-hand side of this tab. These are the key metrics that should generally improve upon your implemented customer service improvement strategies. This will help you understand the current satisfaction level of your customers and plan accordingly.

The response distribution is shared in a pie chart to help you understand the ratings a little better. For example, in 10 ratings, if you have three ratings of 4, five ratings of 5, and two ratings of 1, you will still be showing 3.9 as your average rating. However, Your services depict that most of your customers were fully satisfied with a few improvement scopes and unfortunate incidents.

Then, you can focus largely on improving a few improvement scopes and not focus on the unfortunate incidents that you can’t always control. In short, this pie helps you identify any outlier and reassess your customer satisfaction improvement strategy to better efficiently your approach in customer experience for your e-commerce business.

For every eCommerce customer service who wants to understand their improvement scopes, MyAlice comes with this compact CSAT sequence & reporting that is bound to help your customer service agents become better. It is easy to implement, and even easier to assess for your team. And more importantly, you can check it out today by signing up for free here.

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