How Your E-Commerce Customer Service Can Help Sustain Your Business

 01 September, 2021
 4 min read

If I ask you to categorize your departments based on the priority list, you probably wouldn’t put your e-commerce customer service right on top. Quite contrarily, during the pandemic, we’ve seen good companies like Uber fire its whole department of customer service, making us assume that this department may be quite a luxury to keep and can be expendable.

But, in reality, customer services can be the make or break for you in a saturated market with little to no uniqueness to offer. For an e-commerce business, we know the scopes of establishing your presence can be difficult, although we all know the market can be rather huge. Well, let’s take a look at how customer service can help.

The Hustle is about The Long Haul

What you don’t know about all the customer tickets is that it actually is a good thing. Complaining customers provide you a unique opportunity to satisfy their needs and be in their good book. And you should always be ready to tackle them with your live chat for e-commerce features. If a customer completely gives up on a brand, they will rather incur the loss instead of going through the hassle of putting a complaint.

People who make a complaint mean that they trust you to take care of it. And this is the scope for you to build your business around. Imagine a customer who purchases an expensive set of TV from you, and never comes back. Now, imagine another customer who regularly shops for different products from you, not necessarily with big numbers attached to it, but maybe he buys something every month.

Can you tell me which customer is more important to your brand? Yes! The second one. Because s/he is bringing you regular revenue. With the help of the right customer communication management, you can increase the shopping experience of your customers, which will result in brand loyalty.

In business terms, we can call this lifetime value of customers. Now, in terms of numbers, how important can LTV be? An average customer in the first world country spends more than $50,000 a year online. For an estimated 20 years of active online shopping, 1 customer can make a company a million dollars if you can provide them with what they need! The more recurring customers your store has, the more secured your business is!

People Talk, and It Counts

In the crowded sphere of e-commerce stores, trust goes a long way. But, how can you really establish trust in a new customer? Your customers are far too intelligent to believe your marketing copies, they know it’s just an attempt to sell, and so they’re not gonna believe you’re following through with your promises right away! But they will believe their friends and families, who already have used your service, and we're left with a pleasant memory. Because their friends are not commissioned agents, and most likely they are telling the truth!

Word of Mouth is an extremely important part of your marketing strategy. The only way to ensure that people are recommending your business is by holding your end of the bargain and giving an excellent service. But, sometimes, it is common to delay a delivery or send faulty products to your customers. This is where your customer service can play a pivotal role to change everything for the better of the business.

Churning a bad situation into an opportunity is a key strategy to turn any venture sustainable. In cases of complaints, the business can suffer losses or operational delays that you wouldn’t really want to entertain. And that’s exactly where your e-commerce customer service can charm their way into the customer’s heart by attending them at the right time, solving their problems, and giving your business a chance to go viral in their community!

Increase Share of Wallet

Share of wallet is a concept that helps a manager understand the percentage his/her business is earning from the total expenditure of a specific customer. It’s a very important analytics tool as it can help a business earn more profits from the existing customer base.

Increasing the share of wallets is a common strategy undertaken by many companies to help sustain their business in the long run. But, what does a manager need to do to increase the share of the wallet? Well, as it turns out, customer service agents play the most important role when it comes to increasing the share of a customer.

If you’re wondering why it’s simply because the agents can communicate with a customer and understand their additional needs. Oftentimes a customer even asks for recommendations by themselves when they find themselves in a comfortable atmosphere with the customer service agent.

An agent needs to follow a certain set of strategies to woo the customer in purchasing more from their store. The agent can also play a crucial role in data mining through which you will be able to better your recommended items.

Achieving sustainability for your e-commerce business can be challenging. Not only will you be regularly opposed by many competitors, but you’ll also struggle greatly to establish brand loyalty within your customers. Startups with large investments have made lots of attempts to create brand loyalty only to realize that brand loyalty is a myth.

This is where you might consider choosing Alice’s conversational AI to manage customer tickets efficiently at a low cost. Well-managed customer service can give you the best chance of finding and retaining repeat customers for your business. And if you’re able to achieve this milestone, your e-commerce customer service will turn into a passive profit center in no time!

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