Improve Your Helpdesk Agents with MyAlice Customer Service Solution

 01 September, 2021
 2 min read

If no one has told you yet, your customer service agents are an impeccable asset to your company. But it is difficult to micromanage a large number of agents and help them get better. So, as part of the vision of turning MyAlice into a one-stop e-commerce customer service tool, we have some great features to help you improve your helpdesk agents!

We know the biggest problem in managing your agents is finding clarity. As a business owner, it takes some daunting time and wasteful documentation to understand which of your agents are underperforming. Well, let’s look at some of MyAlice’s features to understand how she can help your agents perform!

Easy Assigning in One Dashboard

MyAlice chatbot brings all your customer queries in one place. It saves blocks of time from your agent’s calendar to move between different platforms or adjust the tone accordingly. Now, you can practice your unique brand tone irrespective of whichever platform you are responding to.

The omnichannel chatbot creates an efficiency that your agents have been longing for. Not only that, you can easily assign with a click and distribute tickets between agents. You can also permit agents to distribute tickets between themselves based on availability/ expertise. And not to mention, you can also assign agents automatically based on many different variables including availability, expertise, and more!

Availability in Workplace

A lot of your agents may want to work from home. It is tough to understand if your agents are online or offline. Yes, they may show up green from time to time in slack, but their work is not exactly related to slack itself. Well, our dashboard has an easy availability indicator system where you can see if any of your agents are available or not.

This key feature will help you distribute pending tickets and also keep your helpdesk agents in check. This accountability will instantly increase their efficiency, and thus the overall result of your e-commerce customer service.

Efficiency in Solving Tickets

We keep records of two very important metrics in e-commerce customer service. A) What the average time is for your helpdesk agents to check a ticket that has been assigned to them, and B) How soon your agents are able to solve the problem for the customer.

By onboarding to MyAlice, you can know the efficiencies of your helpdesk agents in an instant. The average time to respond will help you understand the level of sincerity an agent delegates to the job that they are assigned. And the average time to resolve will help you find clarity in addressing your underperforming agents. You can start improving your team by addressing the problems that they are facing.

Agent Details

Last but not the least, You can find a list table in your reports tab where you can see an overview of your agents’ total activities. Because, it’s not just how efficiently they resolve, how much they are contributing also matters when it comes to an overwhelming query of e-commerce customer service.

MyAlice completely understands these phenomena and shows you a CRM based on your agents’ names and provides clarifying data outlining both their contribution to the customer tickets and the efficiency they are operating in.

MyAlice Customer Service Solution aims to better equip your e-commerce customer journey with the necessary tools and metrics you need. With the MyAlice e-commerce customer service solution, you don’t need to look any further for a customer service tool. Let us work together to create a winning e-commerce experience.

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