Make your own chatbot, NOW!

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Ifran Hossain Aug. 27, 2020

Make your own chatbot, NOW!

Why would you need a chatbot?

As an entrepreneur or a software developer, you might have already felt the need to automate your customer service. You are human, so it becomes difficult to respond to every “Hi!” in your inbox on time. If you are not already aware, then let us quickly tell you that automating your customer service can give you exponential benefits of chat bots. Customer needs in the form of queries and problems can be quickly resolved without the need for human supervision or human interference. This means you will not need to hire customer service executives and will be able to reply to your clients almost instantly, accurately, controllably. While collecting useful data. This will save you both money and time.

Build your own, it’s free for beginners

P.S. No credit card information required.

Building your own chatbot has never been this simple. With just a few clicks and drag-able buttons and blocks you can build your own chatbot through the platform that is provided by Alice. You will find the four main features of our platform which will enable you to make a chatbot and integrate it with all of your online chat and messaging channels. Click on our tutorial blog articles for an instant guide.

The 4 Main features of Alice chatbot platform

Visual Chatbot Builder

This feature lets you build your own chatbot using drag and drop features. You can send text, images, gif, video or almost anything based on what the user wants. It also allows you to collect user data and set different rules for engaging the user.

Automation based on Natural Language Processing

This feature of the Alice allows you to connect to your desirable Natural language platform (NLP) and set your automation rules.

Inbuilt Database and Form

This feature allows you to automate conversations within your chatbots from your existing chat and messaging channels in minutes.

API Integration

Available so that you can integrate complex APIs with your own back end, to automate your existing chatbots. You may connect with any API of your choice.

Customize your own chatbot in any way you desire. So why wait any longer? Build yourself a chatbot today for your own business or organization.

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