Online customer queries driving you crazy?

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Ifran Hossain Aug. 27, 2020

Online customer queries driving you crazy?

Handle them all, in one place with Alice

To make your life easier, Alice automates the entire online customer service process into one place. Customer queries from different social media channels like Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp are all notified and can be responded to from our dashboard. Imagine the time you can save! You do not need to log into separate accounts or access different social media platforms and messaging applications to respond. You can access them all in one place.

Alice integrates everything for you into one place making your life simpler. Let us take a quick look at the features of the dashboard.

1. Lets you access the bot builder to build your own chatbot.

2. Lets you change the language of your text replies for every query of your client.

3. Lets you create custom welcome messages.

4. Lets you create new sequences of the chatbot and add additional sequences as well.

5. Lets you add quick replies and buttons.

6. Lets you add audio for your chatbot.

7. Lets you switch between different social media channels in one place and change their basic functionalities.

8. Lets you get all notifications in one place.

9. Lets you take over the conversation with any of your client when required.

In today’s world we all know how important it is to leave our customers satisfied from the time they first search for our brand or organization online till the time they make a purchase of our products or services. Effective communication is essential for effective customer service. Alice is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) which gives it the ability to cater to different customer in their native language.

This ability to cater to different customers in different languages all automatically from your Facebook messenger or other messaging applications integrated in one place at the Dashboard makes Alice truly unique.

Get Alice today by talking with our experts and grow your business through increased sales conversion, effective promotion and user growth. All these can be achieved with the help chat bots, and will literally give your business a new life online.

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