Talk, don’t type.

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Shuvo Rahman Aug. 26, 2020

Talk, don’t type.

Not everyone types about their problems, and would instead talk about them. It’s faster and more convenient for many. So, we make it convenient for your business too!

Alice is an AI-powered chatbot (or talking bot) which can respond to voice conversations. It has a built-in NLP or Natural language processing ability which means now you can talk in your language through multiple online digital channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber, etc. Alice can handle multiple queries that your clients might have, all at once, and almost instantly!

Alice Talks the Talk

In today's ever-competitive economy, a business or an organization cannot compromise on its customers satisfaction. Under such circumstances, voice recognition technology is helping multinational brands as well as small business enterprises to make their customer service better. Alice will not only listen and reply to your customer’s voice commands and queries, but will also respond to similar texts through chat. Also letting you sell your products and services through Facebook messenger window to so help you drive sales through social media channels.

Why do you need a Talking Bot?

Talking Bots are not a new phenomenon, they have been widely used outside Bangladesh. Some examples are Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, etc. All these different types of bots has been known to help businesses and individuals alike by working as a personal assistant.

Alice no different, it is just an enhanced version built using voice recognition technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It can be integrated with all of your online sales channels and helps your business grow and increase revenue through satisfying customer responses.

A talking bot like Alice not only helps you with better customer service but helps you with lead generation and user retention as well. Acquire new customers through better customer engagement and instant interactions! At the same time, collect data of your clients which can be later used for targeted promotions and marketing campaigns.

Alice has been used by over 5 million people today and has generated over 500,000 USD in total sales for a variety of businesses and organizations. Be a part of this growing success by getting Alice today.

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