Your customers don’t type in English

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Shuvo Rahman Aug. 26, 2020

Your customers don’t type in English

So you set your chatbot up to respond with “BDT 100” when any customer types the word “Price.” But what happens when they type “prc pls?” or “daam koto?” We have the answer.

It is a common phenomenon known to us that most people don’t type in full English (or any pure language for that matter) when they send their queries, messages and questions across the social media channels. That is why, when you are trying to automate your customer service, your chatbots needs to understand the local language of your clients.

Say hello to NLP (Natural Language Processing)

NLP helps a computer to understand natural language inputs from your clients across social media channels and online messaging applications, so your chatbot Alice can send back relevant messages back to your clients almost instantly. No matter the style of the query, Alice will support Bangla, English, Bahasa and Burmese queries. With spelling mistakes too.

How does NLP actually work?

Imagine you as a client ask your local florist “ajke koita porjonto khola? / How long are you open today?” on Messenger, and also imagine your local florist is using Alice.

Alice will break down the contents of your question into two parts: intents and entities. An intent tells what action the user wants, while an entity tells Alice the specific context of the action required.

For example when you asked your florist “Ajke koita porjonto khola / how long you are open today?” The intent is the store opening hours, and the word “Ajke/today” in your question tells Alice the specific context of the action or is the entity part of the question.


You shouldn’t be, because language changes every day. New buzzwords and phrases arise when we least expect it, hence in the background we are constantly trying to improve and accommodate more unique queries. What you should be convinced of is our effort to assure you full control over your customer’s satisfaction when using Alice.

Today, and for the next decade.

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