Customer Success Manager

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Customer Success - Full-Time

Job Summary

Alice Labs is a Singapore-registered but Global company that helps eCommerce, retail and online businesses have the best in class multi-channel help-desk and conversational AI platform. 

MyAlice platform helps online businesses seamlessly manage customer interactions across multiple social channels and their own on-site, in-app chat—with added powerful AI-driven automation that drives sales up and customer service costs down! At Alice Labs, we love challenges and the more difficult something is, the more motivation we have to deliver it. Among our clients, you will find the most recognizable brands such as Unilever, Maybelline, etc. And it’s just the beginning of the road!


As a Customer Success Manager, you will champion the delivery of the solution for our clients, and own the enterprise customer relationship for full-cycle success from onboarding, success planning, value demonstration, retention to upsells.

You will be the trusted advisor our clients seek advice from to improve their digital customer experience and develop repeatable implementation and onboarding strategies for our clients. You will understand their unique challenges and offer custom solutions leveraging the Platform.

You will work and collaborate closely with the Sales, product, and cross-functional teams. Your portfolio will consist of Customer Accounts that are using the product.


  • Participate in the sales meeting to represent the Product
  • Validate the vision sold to the client from a Product perspective.


  • Lead the client onboarding from A to Z, coordinating internal and external teams
  • Act as a trusted partner, making custom recommendations based on your expertise in conversational strategies
  • Recommend, develop implementation and set up the Conversational Strategy relying on the full suite of product (bots, multi-channels, e-commerce, professional services from us or our partners, etc)
  • Guide the client in their adoption of the products, with the help of enablement solutions and building enablement materials
  • Receive internal technical support as needed for complex implementation

Success Planning

  • Create and Operationalize an Investment Value Roadmap by building a 1-year plan that will show the client a clear path to the promised results.
  • Identify how we can cross-sell and upsell our product
  • Identify new use-cases within existing customers
  • Manage renewals and expectations around renewals and subscriptions. 
  • Own the delivery of this plan and make sure it remains well aligned with the clients’ priorities.
  • The outcome of your Success Planning will be the client’s retention and growth with, which the Client Sales own.

Delivery followup

  • Ensure that the client is happy with and will renew his contract
  • Own the project management and reporting tools to keep the delivery on track
  • Regularly check in with clients to report on the operational delivery of the project and keep both sides aligned.
  • Demonstrate the quality and the value of the delivery in Business Reviews (monthly, quarterly), in collaboration with the Client Sales who owns the upsell. 
  • Adapt our Conversational AI strategy to current results and clients’ expectations, staying agile and proactive to always be seen as a source of solutions by the client.
  • Detect delivery gaps and propose corrective actions, as well as new opportunities that can address
  • Update CRM (AIrtable)


  • Assist the Sales team in forecasting upsells and usage increase
  • Lead the demo of new features 

Product and Market expertise

  • Gain Deep knowledge of the MyAlice product and service/partner offers.
  • Keep up with Products Innovations, enroll clients in new betas when relevant.
  • Stay alert and well informed of market trends


  • As this is a junior position,1 to 3 years of experience in Customer Success roles, with medium and enterprise account, preferably in the SaaS industry
  • Project management runs in your blood, so you can focus your mind on the rest: innovate for their CX and prove the value
  • You are driven by being an expert on the product for your clients 
  • Data-driven, knowledge of reporting is a plus but not mandatory
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Familiarity with the tools we use (preferred but not mandatory): Trello, LinkedIn Sales Navigator / Airtable.
  • Disciplined: You’re a person who can work independently and remotely, on your own, to keep things moving.
  • Dependable: Quite simply, you do everything you say you’re going to do. You’re organized enough to work with little supervision.
  • Proactive: You do not always wait for things to go south, you are proactive in client’s needs
  • You have a passion for brands and the User Experience they strive to create
  • You want to have an impact and take initiative. You prefer the driver’s seat, not the passenger’s.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset: problems are not problems. They are challenges you are excited to solve
  • You have a track record of over-performing - on a personal or professional level



Application Deadline

June 30, 2021