Product Marketing Specialist

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Growth & Marketing - Full-Time

Job Summary

We are looking for a Product Marketing Specialist to work closely with our product and growth teams to create messages, promotions, user-flows and other mechanisms to ensure users not only understand the product perfectly but that they also engage in a way that maximizes product sales and up-sales. 

Perfect opportunity for professionals passionate about the intersection of Product & Marketing worlds with anywhere from 0-5 years working experience! You’ll just need to be extremely attentive to detail, strong critical-thinker and possess an uncanny ability to put yourself in the users’ shoes (figuratively speaking :)).

Ideally, you’re highly motivated, a self-starter with abundance of initiative and you’re looking for a stage to shine brighter than where you’re currently working! We enjoy creative misfits who ally a fun working environment with highly analytical and perceptive productive work.


You will collaborate with our marketing team to develop initiatives that drive demand and help increase the purchasing LTV of existing users through paid-product conversions and up-selling. Some of your frequent responsibilities will include:

  • Market intelligence - be the main evangelist in the company who truly understands our users: who they are, how they discover us, what they buy, etc.
  • Competitive landscape research;
  • Collaborate with product management and marketing communications to develop product positioning and messaging that resonate with our target buyer personas;
  • Understand, document, analyse and present buyers’ journeys to management and product stakeholders;
  • Drive change;
  • Develop a marketing plan for the products you support in conjunction with our marketing team, including key activities and budgets to support the retention of existing customers and the acquisition of new customers.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the marketing programs that support your products on an ongoing basis, and report back to the business on required changes.
  • Understand and support our sales channels; train the sales teams and stakeholders on the problems we solve for our buyers and users; develop internal tools and external collateral and teach them how and when to use it.


You are obsessed with tracking performance, you are investigative, curious and love analysing data to figure things out and optimize conversions by critically assessing what is working and what isn’t.

You are able to envision product flows through the users’ shoes and through this, you are able to make products fly off the shelf!

  • Must be a strong public speaker, comfortable in front of large, senior groups, and a solid writer.
  • Excellent people and management skills to interact with staff, colleagues, cross-functional teams and third parties. Team player!
  • Proficient in productivity, collaboration applications and CRM tools such as Microsoft Suite, Airtable, HubSpot, Slack etc.
  • Familiar with marketing automation tools such as Marketo, Pardot and Omniture, and Google Analytics.
  • Exceptional ROI-tracking skills, able to prove what is –or isn’t—working

Some Marketing experience preferred.


35000+ BDT per month

Application Deadline

June 15, 2021