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Startup Story of SHAPE: The Bold Initiative of Breaking Taboo

Like hundreds of other Bangladeshi girls, Monoshita had the common complaint about buying lingerie – FITTING.

Be it the cheap shacks of Hawkers market or posh stores of Pink City, no matter where she goes to buy her intimate wear – all she could get were lingerie that is made on the premises of western physiques.

Soon she realized the biggest underlying issue, that the majority of products that are available and manufactured here were made only for the European and the Western market.

Now, imagine a young European woman and a young Bangladeshi woman.

Although their bodies may remain of similar proportion during their youth, their structure starts differing from one another as they step into youth.

Because of genetic features, women in thenSouth East Asian region tend to meet more cellulite than Caucasians. Hence, their physical structure requires different lingerie fitting.

The core problem was – no one bothered to do anything for this basic requirement.

With the garment industry booming, everyone was thinking of making cash out of the lingerie items by manufacturing bulk amounts of them to export overseas and supplying the remaining across the local market.

This was affecting the health of  Bangladeshi women in different ways.

To find a solution to this never-ending problem, Monoshita initiated SHAPE, a lingerie company. Adding a free guidance service to help women pick the right lingerie according to their body type.

Not just that, SHAPE also helped women with size consultancy.

But the journey wasn’t smooth sailing.

The primary product of SHAPE  was the bra. And in brown societies, talking about bras and female intimate wear is considered taboo.

The challenge was how SHAPE is supposed to market lingerie without talking about the product?

After giving this a thought, Monoshita decided to take the initiative to spark conversation around it.

From office tables to brunch settings, the females slowly started opening up about their inconveniences caused by the wrong bra size and types.

Sometimes, the males also joined these conversations, acknowledging the whole health situation.

After starting the conversation, now it was time to make the solution accessible to every girl in Bangladesh finally.

To ensure that, Monoshita started researching intimate wear safe for women’s health and dived into their dynamics.

Once she figured that out, she started contacting local manufacturing hubs and started the production of comfortable inner wears. One such discovery was the seamless bra. And so far, this is the most popular product of SHAPE.

Here are a few marketing tactics that proved to be helpful for SHAPE to market bras:

  1. Moving to a platform where people were susceptible to take part in conversations. Back then, it was Instagram for Shape.

2. Opening a Facebook group only for girls, where they would feel free to open up about literally everything.

Managing an eCommerce and a social commerce business simultaneously at the same time isn’t an easy job. Monoshita’s company has also faced a few problems in this regard.

When sales started increasing in different channels, it became quite a headache for Monoshita to track them, even after employing multiple customer relationship managers.

Whereas, she wanted to offer customized services to her customers.

Luckily, she discovered MyAlice, a multi-channel helpdesk service. Which brings all her sales channels under the same dashboard.

Ever since Monoshita integrated MyAlice, she has been able to keep track of the previous purchase history and has automated the majority of the sales process.

Now, only one moderator is enough to conduct all of her sales activities alongside customized services.

SHAPE currently offers female hygiene and wardrobe essentials like bath bombs, body scrubs, crop tops, besides selling only lingerie items.

They have also added variation to their bra collection so that women can choose the right pick for them.

Monoshita firmly believes – every business should be built around solutions to some problem. We hope SHAPE can eradicate social taboos like bra talks for many more years to come by.

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