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MyAlice Chatbot Supported Pureit To Give Ground for Improved Customer Support Expectations

Company Overview: Unilever Pureit

Labeled as paradigm-shifting innovation by Harvard, Pureit is the world's best-selling water purifier brand. It has become a household name in Bangladesh due to its affordability and top-notch water filtration system.

With their "Customer First" approach, Pureit has always strived to provide a stellar customer experience. As online shopping became more popular, the company planned to take its customer service to new heights.

But, sales in this business rely on conversations. Customers ask for information about the product to ensure that it meets their needs and fits within their budget. Frequently asked questions include the type of filter, capacity, digital display feature, and so on.

Over time, user queries grew in sync with the customer base. As a result, Pureit struggled to respond on time. Consequently, the Pureit team began to consider integrating an AI-powered chatbot.

The Challenge:

The key challenge was to provide Pureit customers with a constant, holistic, omnichannel experience. Alongside streamlining customer support across multiple channels.

  1. Handling Repetitive Queries: Customers typically seek information about store locations, product availability, and order status. Pureit desired to automate these queries to provide a seamless customer experience.
  2. Omnichannel support: Marketing advises you to be where your customers are. But, in this age of the Internet, your customers are everywhere. Pureit searched for a solution to make them available to customers at all touchpoints.
  3. 24/7 Online Presence: Customers do not have any time constraints. And they expect the same from customer service representatives. But this is practically impossible to ensure. Hence Pureit was looking for an ecommerce chatbot that could optimize response time.
  4. Customer Analytics: Data-driven marketing is gradually becoming the new normal. Pureit wished to curate future marketing strategies based on customer data.

The Solution

Pureit needed centralized and automated customer support on their ecommerce site. They identified MyAlice as the ideal solution to these problems.

By connecting their customer channels to MyAlice, Pureit could update orders from a single dashboard. What's more? MyAlice enabled Pureit to respond to conversations from all channels 24 hours.

MyAlice chatbot automated popular queries of Pureit users. Depending on their preferences, customers can learn about Pureit products, after-sales service, and referral programs in either Bangla or English.

Furthermore, information gathered from purchase histories has helped Pureit refine its marketing strategy. By leveraging customer data, the Pureit team has created customized promotions.

Drop a message on Pureit Bangladesh's website or Messenger to get an in-chat shopping experience with MyAlice conversational solution.

The Outcome

Pureit gained detailed insights into their sales and customers. Following the implementation of the chatbot, campaign conversion increased by 20%, while web traffic increased by approximately 50%. At present, Pureit collects approximately 100 orders per week via chatbot.

Here is what Farhana Mahfuz, PDC-CEC Bangladesh Lead, Unilever, had to say:

“We rely on MyAlice’s super flexible and advanced platform which ensures that different Unilever brands can engage with the consumers and understand their behavior.”

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