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How secure is my data?
AES 256 Encryption for sensitive data at rest and HTTPS, REST API for data in transit makes sure all the data that is coming into play is highly secure. Firewalls, IP Blocking, JWT Token validation makes sure no unauthorized access can compromise the data.
Can I tag the customer according to their behavior?
Yes. You can add tags and attributes to customer profiles according to their behavior.
Can we create our own configuration?
Given that MyAlice is a SaaS platform, anyone can sign up on Alice and use the dashboard functions to configure and design the solution according to their own needs.
Do I need coding skills to build a chatbot in MyAlice?
Not at all. Our select-and-drop interface for building chatbots is visually intuitive. You don't need coding knowledge to get started. You can even design a simple bot for your business in less than three minutes. Also, our dedicated chatbot team helps Business and Enterprise plan subscribers design and implement custom chatbots design throughout their journey.
Which languages do you support?
MyAlice is language-agnostic. You can integrate different NLP apps, design the knowledge base in multiple languages and respond to queries accordingly.
Suppose a person contacts multiple platforms, even though they are the same person. Will that be counted as one user or multiple?
The user will be counted as a unique user for each platform. So, they will be counted multiple times. However, the MAU calculation does not include Facebook and Instagram feed comments.
Does the customer profile include data from when the page was originally created?
No. We can only bring data from when the user first interacted with the page, given that the page was connected to MyAlice.
Where is MyAlice hosted?
MyAlice is hosted in AWS Singapore
Can I assign a communication to a specific agent/department?
Yes. You can easily assign an agent/ group using the Ticket Block. Refer to the documentation for more details.
Can I invite my team members and assign them different roles?
Yes, we provide a Role-based Access Control option. So, you can invite your team members and assign them variable access to your dashboard based on their roles.
Can you track a user who first texted on Facebook and then texted on WhatsApp?
We don't have any built-in cookies to track such information. However, we can track them only if we have a custom identifier, such as mobile phone and email.


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Which channel does MyAlice connect with?
MyAlice can connect with Facebook Feed and Messenger, Instagram Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Line, Website and Mobile App. New channels are periodically launched for integration.
Can I connect my e-commerce store with MyAlice?
Yes. You can connect your Woocommerce and Shopify store with MyAlice. Soon, you'll be able to connect stores built on Magento and BigCommerce.
Can I integrate a React Native App on MyAlice? Do I need any SDK? If so, what's the procedure?
No SDK is required. In an app, users can click a button to initiate a conversation. If the user clicks on the button, you will call MyAlice API with the token (described in the documentation) and any other variable needed to pass. In the return call, a link will be returned to be opened in an in-app browser.
Can we integrate Slack and Discord?
Not at the moment, but they are on our roadmap.
Does MyAlice provide call and SMS facilities?
No, MyAlice provides only chat facilities. However, you can integrate MyAlice with third-party solution providers for such services.


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Will you help me set up my store?
No we are not providing such services. But we can definitely suggest you some of our partners.
What happens when I connect my store with MyAlice?
Once you connect your store, you can view your store inventory, customer details, order details, customer summary, product interactions, and past conversations. Next, if you install the MyAlice plugin on your store website, you can place a live chat widget to have conversations with your store visitors, respond to their queries and guide their shopping journey. You can also create chatbots using your inventory information to automate the complete purchase journey. Finally, you can create or update orders while chatting with your customers directly from MyAlice inbox without switching between platforms.
Will I get data from when my store was originally created?
No. You will only receive customer interaction data after installing the MyAlice plugin on your store.
How do you handle the payment for products?
From our end, once an order is created, the customer will receive a payment link from where they can complete the payment as per the payment system set up in your store. If the customer opted for Cash on Delivery, it would be highlighted accordingly in the checkout menu.
Does the inventory change dynamically?
Yes. Each time you make a change in stock on your store, the update will take place on our end accordingly. Also, when you create an order from MyAlice, your inventory changes on your e-commerce platform, i.e., WooCommerce or Shopify.

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