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How MyAlice Can Turn Into Your Personal Shopping Assistant

MyAlice can be utilized as a great personal shopping assistant. It can help your eCommerce customers convert more easily by talking to our AI chatbot
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How MyAlice Can Turn Into Your Customer’s Personal Shopping Assistant

Giordano MM is a leading international retailer of apparel and accessories. As you can already probably relate, like any other eCommerce store, they were constantly bombarded with a lot of queries, without converting them into sales. 

As a result, Their online customer service was overworked yet ineffective, they did not know what was going wrong, and most horrifyingly, their customers became increasingly impatient, as is the case with baby boomers who also like to shop online. 

In such dire circumstances, the management sought out the right solution that could help sustain their eCommerce business, but at that time, they were still dubious about the expected expenses.

However, MyAlice had a viable product especially built for eCommerce, and it was offered at an affordable price with everything the company was already looking for.

Giordano MM Didn’t Sit and Wait ( Nor Should You)

Giordano MM was rather aggressive in its marketing plans. It heavily focused on its acquisition growth while keeping tabs on its customer churns as well. They wanted to continue acquiring new customers while keeping existing customers satisfied. This only meant the AI this time really needed to turn itself into a jack of all trades, and master of some. 

But not only that, but the company also needed to streamline its offerings and make sure it reaches the right people. It also wanted to communicate updated information regarding products to potential buyers. 

But could such an automated virtual assistant truly exist at an affordable price? Well, with MyAlice, you can always start for free, and you don’t even need a credit card to check us out!

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Because Some (MyAlice), Have Wings!

Whenever it comes to eCommerce, MyAlice exerts its finest blend of templates and guidelines as the most advanced ai chatbot in the region. The product solved Giordano MM’s problems almost instantly by providing them the ease of response with its omnichannel dashboard to find all queries in one place, easy integration to all the major e-commerce customer touchpoints including Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram.

The conversational AI provided more tools like a data lab, where you can update your product, and keep track of your inventory automatedly. It provided deeper insights into customer queries and put all their customers in one place through which they could better design their marketing campaigns. 

Giordano MM took the tools to heart and focused on improving their versatile online customer service. Little did they know what was waiting for them at the end of the tunnel.

Stats that Makes MyAlice a Top Tool for Ecommerce

The implementation of the MyAlice chatbot ensured an exceptional customer experience. Giordano saw an increase in sales by 26%. It also reduced promotional and marketing costs by 23% with our database and tools. 

Giordano achieved a 3 times increase in user retention rate as clients praised the multilingual support and instant communication provided by MyAlice, one of the best customer service chatbots in the world.

Whenever you are concerned about the benefits of chatbot in customer service, think about how you’re missing out on everyday sales just like Giordano MM, and you can also increase your growth in multiples by starting free with MyAlice! 

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