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Star Cineplex
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How Star Cineplex Automated Their Customer Service

In a country packed with Hollywood lovers, Cineplex was one of the only decent theatres in Bangladesh. Understandably, it had a good amount of queries to deal with while ensuring the promise of top-notch services and updates. 

Customers of Cineplex were a little different from the mass e-commerce shoppers we see. It was more like serving a niche eCommerce where your customers like to remain updated and choose when something aligned with their taste hits the market. 

Due to such buyer persona, there was a definite gap in satisfying the customers in providing regular updates, and the already large customer service cost wasn’t really helping the cause. So, generally, an automated virtual assistant was always in the mind of its management.

People Don’t Download Apps to Buy Movie Tickets

Yet, cineplex wanted to tap its customer base a little more sophisticatedly. They wanted to lead the entertainment industry by turning itself digital through and through. They invested in a website where you can add tickets to your cart and also an app through which you can keep updated and pre-book tickets as well without an AI chatbot taking care of things.

Unfortunately, people took this initiative with a pinch of salt. No one was willing to download an entire app to purchase a movie ticket. The website wasn’t rendering jaw-dropping results as well. And the customer service continued to cost the company more than the queries being made.

 The management needed a quick fix to help the project succeed. But they already knew they wouldn’t be able to delegate a significant amount of budget that can turn things around, it started to seem a little grim for a company that holds the larger portion of the movie theatre business in Bangladesh.

With MyAlice, You Can Succeed in Every Kind of Ecommerce

With Star Cineplex turning to MyAlice, they ensured a few things for themselves. First, the company was able to digitize the experience for their customers just like they wanted to. Which is a massive step for the total entertainment industry which is playing catch up with the rest of the world. 

Second, the company successfully saved 2/3rds of its total customer service cost by investing in MyAlice. And Most Importantly, they were able to increase their user satisfaction rate by a staggering 92%.

How do you ask? All they had to do was train the chat with updates of upcoming movies, synopsis, and trailers, and the most advanced AI chatbot in the region took care of the rest. Rather the total experience became an interactive IMDb for its consumers and it was loved by the target audience, which mostly was packed with millennials, much like any other eCommerce store.

And The Sales Went Crazy

In only two months, when Star Cineplex was beginning to get their messages and promotions across, sales catapulted for an organization of their stature that already had the bigger portion of the pie. The management observed an incredible growth of 36%, whilst the user base almost tripled for the company in terms of website hits and receiving updates.  

Star Cineplex automated their customer service to save their projects from a catastrophe, but using MyAlice, they reaped the reward of choosing the best customer service chatbot.

It is often difficult to assess the benefits of chatbots in customer service, and we can understand how you can feel dubious before investing. But The story of Star Cineplex proves that despite having your doubts, you should definitely consider this path, and the good news is, you can try it for yourself for free right now! Without needing a credit card.

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