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A story of Unilever PureIt implementing MyAlice's Conversational AI

Dhaka Bangladesh
MyAlice conversational ai helped Unilever PureIt automate its customer service. The use of MyAlice helped the company better its customer experience
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Queries flowed in like water, but PureIt cleansed them with Conversational AI


Unilever Pureit has been the most reliable and affordable solution for Bangladesh’s water purification needs for almost 10 years. It started its journey back in 2010 and quickly became the world’s largest water purifier seller and is currently established in 9 different countries.

With Pureit being a famous choice in almost every home in Bangladesh, and Pureit’s commitment to providing the best customer service in Bangladesh, you can imagine it became increasingly difficult for the management to cope up with rising queries.

Almost every year, Pureit holds multiple campaigns to create awareness and onboard new customers. The brand needed a more efficient way to gain new customers, increase customer retention rates, and gather consumer data. This led them to utilize conversational AI to enhance their customer service.

The Challenge Faced by PureIt

PureIt as a business needed to invest in a much larger online customer service. It is also focusing more on automating different parts of customer service. Automation has its perks, but the board was not certain how to approach this problem. 

PureIt was almost certain that to trigger more online sales and boost their e-commerce shop, they needed to be more available to customers and not only through telephone. AI chatbot was an option, but the company was unsure how they could instill chatbots in so many of their marketing channels.

At the same time, they were struggling to be available for a consumer 24/7, and they were looking to analyze their queries and customer data to better their team. This is when they started looking for the most advanced ai chatbots in the market to meet their needs.

The Executive Who Recommended MyAlice Probably Got A Promotion

At that time, the product of MyAlice was still looking to instill different features and become the best version of herself. When PureIt approached the company with many problems, their visions aligned into creating a single unifying chatbot that solves all the problems of an e-commerce customer service

We at Alice Labs integrated NLP and advanced machine learning technology into the AI so it could better interact with the customers. Anyone could activate the AI with just a knock and it would drive the conversation through a series of queries and feedback until all the customers' needs were met.

The conversational AI was able to answer queries 24/7, take orders of purifiers and germ kill kits, receive complaints, and generate leads.

It quickly became the best customer service chatbot for the team with solutions for all the essential customer queries and services.

Well, What Changed Afterwards?

Uniliver Pureit

It did a great job of generating sales and getting new customers. After using conversational AI, Pureit was able to sell 1000+ products in a short period. They used different data collection tools and methods to gather more information about their potential customer base. Also, advanced tracking, analytics, and customer feedback were used to plan out future marketing plans.

Unilever Pureit customer service started showing exemplary results. The management not only experienced significant growth in sales but also became a customer-friendly brand providing safe, affordable, and accessible water to millions across the country with the help of MyAlice's conversational AI.

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