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Case Study: Giordano MM

Automated AI personal shopping assistant. 26% sales increased and 23% marketing cost reduced.
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Client Case Study: Giordano MM

Giordano MM is a leading international retailer of apparel and accessories and were facing critical communication issues with clients through social media channels as well as messaging applications. They needed an automated personal shopping assistant who could communicate in multiple languages instantly to client’s queries, messages, and problems.

What Were They Looking For?

1. To utilize social media channels to attract new customers and meet demands of existing ones

2. Effective e-marketing through its website

3. Satisfying customers on updated details and pricing of products

4. Lead generation mechanisms from online marketing campaigns

What Did Alice Do?

Alice provided an automated artificial intelligence powered chat bot solution which could communicate with multiple clients in multiple languages almost instantly. It integrated their online shopping platform for Giordano, making it easy for consumers to browse and purchase products through Facebook Messenger.

The Results?

Exceptional customer experience. Giordano saw increased sales of 26%. It also reduced promotional and marketing costs by 23%. Giordano also achieved 3 times increase in user retention rate as clients praised the multilingual support and instant communication provided by Alice.

Your Turn.

Alice the artificial intelligence chatbot powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) can do the same for your business or organization if not even better. So increase your business efficiency, profitability, and growth today by signing up for Alice.

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Transformed the user journey that saved customer support cost and increased satisfaction rate

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