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Redefined digital customer experience. Increased user engagement, reduced customer query cost.
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Client Case Study – is an agricultural organization devoted to providing safe and organic food to the consumers in Bangladesh. The eCommerce supermarket promises safe and top graded fruits and vegetables with excellent customer service, same day delivery. What’s more, as a member of Bangladesh Organic Agricultural Network (BOAN), they work directly with producers to bring you and your family the freshest products possible.

Naturally the stakes were high, considering they essentially provided daily products. Messages and queries were flooding in and it was becoming difficult handle the sheer amount of personalized responses! What’s more, if you respond fast, it also means you are responding heartlessly to facts. Customers were beginning to feel that enough “service attention” was not being given. They even had a hard time leading customers to the eCommerce portal to finally buy the product. Customers did not like being moved from their app comfort zones.

What were they looking for, exactly?

1. Instant responses! For every query to not miss out on purchases.

2. Ability for customers to buy products directly from Messenger.

What did Alice do?

Alice provided with a completely new digital customer experience for its clients, like no other. Clients were able to see products, choices and special offers in Messenger itself! They could also buy products right then and there. Automatic responses to their messages and queries were dealt with almost instantly. Without even knowing their phone number or website address!

The Results?

Pivotal success! Within a couple of months, had increased user engagement, reduced customer query cost, and also effectively used data (such as peak hours of interaction) to carry out effective promotional strategies.

Revenue? It increased 135% through our Messenger push strategy.

What’s your excuse?

Alice can do the same for you, it can save your cost as you do not need to employ customer care executives. Increase sales directly through social media channels and messaging applications today!

Email us at, we will respond. Or visit for more information.

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Star Cineplex

Transformed the user journey that saved customer support cost and increased satisfaction rate

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