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Case Study – Star Cineplex

Star Cineplex
Transformed the user journey that saved customer support cost and increased satisfaction rate
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Client Case Study – Star Cineplex

Star Cineplex is the highest value entertainment provider in Bangladesh. It is the first multiplex cinema theatre in the country, but they were facing many challenges when it came to customer service. They wished to uphold their integrity and professionalism while dealing with clients by using an automated Natural Language Processing (NLP) powered chat bot.

What were they looking for, exactly?

1. Star Cineplex wanted to provide a digital customer experience but users did not want to buy tickets from their website

2. Customers did not like downloading an extra application on their mobile devices just to buy tickets

3. Customers found it difficult to know about movie releases, movie updates, contests and other promotional offers and activities

What did Alice do?

Alice provided Star Cineplex with a completely new digital customer experience for its clients, like no other. Clients were able to see movie trailers, upcoming movie details and could also buy movie tickets right from their Facebook messenger. They also got automatic responses to their messages and queries almost instantly. Without even knowing their phone number or website address!

The Results?

Within 2 months of using Alice, Star Cineplex saw an incredible rise in sales growth. It also saved customer care costs by 67%, user satisfaction rate increased by 92% and user interaction increased almost 10x times! It also saw user growth of about 150% and ticket sales increased by 36%.

Why choose Alice?

Alice can do the same for you, it can save your cost as you do not need to employ customer care executives. Increase sales directly through social media channels and messaging applications today!

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