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Dhaka Bangladesh
Helping Unilever Pureit increase customer base and boost sales
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Unilever Pureit has been the most reliable and affordable solution for Bangladesh’s water purification needs for almost 10 years. It started its journey back in 2010 and quickly became the world’s largest water purifier seller and is currently established in 9 different countries.


Pureit’s revolutionary RO & RO+UV technology to purify water was the primary reason for its success, but it also heavily emphasized their marketing channels. 


Almost every year, Pureit holds multiple campaigns to create awareness and onboard new customers. The brand needed a more efficient way to gain new customers, increase customer retention rates, and gather consumer data. This led them to utilize conversational AI to enhance its customer service.


Particular challenges Pureit faced regarding:


1. Interacting with the customers on a user-friendly platform

2. Serving customer queries 24/7 

3. Reaching out to a massive customer base

4. Integrating data collection tools to gather consumer data

5. Generating more leads from different social platforms


All of these problems needed to be solved in an efficient yet cost-effective manner. The most rational option was using conversational AI to tackle customer pain points and enhance the overall customer service. The solution to all these problems was the conversational AI created by us.


How was the conversational AI used?


Pureit uses many channels including Facebook and tools for promotional campaigns, advertisements, and several marketing activities. QR codes and referral URLs were distributed throughout their various channels. Customers could then click on the URLs or scan the QR codes to be directed to the conversational AI.


We at Alice Labs integrated NLP and advanced machine learning technology to the AI so it could better interact with the customers. Anyone could activate the AI with just a knock and it would drive the conversation through a series of queries and feedback until all the customers' needs were met. 


The conversational AI was able to answer queries 24/7, take orders of purifiers and germ kill kits, receive complaints, and generate leads.  


It quickly became the one-stop solution for all the essential customer queries and services.


Did the plan work?


It did a great job of generating sales and getting new customers. After using the conversational AI, Pureit was able to sell 1000+ products in a short span of time. They used different data collection tools and methods to gather more information about their potential customer base. Also, advanced tracking, analytics, and customer feedback was used to plan out future marketing plans.


Unilever Pureit not only experienced significant growth in sales but also became a customer-friendly brand providing safe, affordable, and accessible water to millions across the country.



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