15 Best WordPress Plugins For Your ECommerce Store in 2021

 30 August, 2021
 9 min read

Running an ecommerce store can really prove to be challenging to keep up with different aspects of your business. But, thankfully, if you’re running your e-commerce WordPress website with the right WordPress plugins, you can hope to accelerate your business like never before.

WordPress Plugin refers to a list of available software you can add to your WordPress website. Currently, there are about 55,000 WordPress plugins available in wordpress.org. You can use these plugins to carry out specific tasks for your business. For example, you can create a mailing list and maintain a section for customer reviews with help of separate plugins.

But, it is normal to get lost in the large list of plugins and alternatives. In this article, we take a look at the must have plugins for your e-commerce business. You can check out this article if you’re looking for WordPress plugins for other purposes.

15 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Ecommerce Store

  1. WooCommerce
  2. All-in-One SEO
  3. Yoast SEO
  4. MyAlice
  5. WP Rocket
  6. OptinMonster
  7. SleekNote
  8. NotificationX
  9. PushEngage
  10. MailChimp
  11. Klaviyo
  12. Site Kit By Google
  13. Cartflows
  14. Printful
  15. YITH Woocommerce

Best Platform Plugins for Wordpress

1. Woocommerce

According to WeBuiltThis, over 4.4 million sites use the WooCommerce plugin. That makes WooCommerce one of the most popular ecommerce WordPress plugins, ever.

Woocommerce is a free WordPress plugin that turns your website into an e-commerce store. Woocommerce provides basic store functionality to start your e-commerce business right off the bat. You can install the plugin free from your admin dashboard or WordPress plugin repository.

Woocommerce is currently the most popular e-commerce platform plugin available in the WordPress market. The installation is easy, and the plugin can integrate with any other WordPress plugin with ease.

Best SEO Plugins for Wordpress

Now that you’ve set your website with the right platform, the next step is to make your website SEO friendly.

What  is search engine optimization? Well, it’s google’s way of making sure people can find your website according to their necessities.

SEO is an important part of setting up your online presence. But how would you know you’re on the right track with SEO?

Well, these tools can help.

2. All-in-One SEO

The plugin claims itself to be the most comprehensive SEO tool in the world. However, it can still function just fine for the simplest of work your website needs. Upon installation, it will scan your website and find out all the optimization scope from the get go. Fascinating, right?

You can watch this video to further understand the plugin

As the name suggests, this SEO plugin has everything you need built into one software. All you have to do is install the plugin and AIOSEO will navigate you through the rest.

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast is the most beloved seo plugin among wordpress bloggers because of its ease of use. And, certainly, your e-commerce website will have a fair share of drafting and you need to increase the readability to the best of your abilities. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to the overwhelming all in one seo, you can always try yoast seo.

You can also install both the plugins as the basic features are essentially free and use all in one seo for site authority and yoast for page readability as well. Read this awesome guide to better understand their differences.

Best Customer Support Plugins

4. MyAlice

MyAlice is the most complete customer support tool available on the internet. As an e-commerce store owner, chances are, you sell across many channels including all social media platforms as well as your website. MyAlice offers a premium wordpress plugin integration that can integrate all the communication channels into one omnichannel dashboard.

What makes MyAlice even more unique is the amount of diverse features available within this plugin. You can maintain all your customer support agents, create a chatbot from scratch with its no-code chatbot builder and maintain your inventory with datalab.

Currently there’s no other woocommerce plugin available that provides all the features together.

You can easily integrate this on trial from the wordpress repository.

Best Wordpress Marketing Plugins

SEO can only go so far to make yourself visible in front of your target audience. You are sinfully mistaken if you think that gets the job done. Yes, of course, with good visibility, sales will come, but to realize your full potential, you need to delve into these amazing marketing plugins we’ve dug for you.

5. OptinMonster

Building an email list is on the to-do list of every marketer. And if you’re running an e-commerce store, then you must think of implementing this marketing tool with your woocommerce plugin. With the world moving towards a conversational commerce preference, email marketing can prove to be key as conversation starters.

OptinMonster also helps you create different types of forms and headers to make marketing easier for you.

6. WP Rocket

I'm certain you've always asked yourself, "How do I optimize my woocommerce store?" Well, the answer lies in WP Rocket.

WP Rocket is the best cache plugin for WordPress. But, What is a cache plugin and why do you need it? Well, google will tell you how it saves a static html that does not need your server to delve into the php code and all that.

But what a cache plugin really does is it saves the website on the user's server. When a user revisits the website, it loads at a much faster rate. So, you definitely need a cache plugin to improve your WordPress website speed.

And WP Rocket stands out because of its ease of use. With zero technical knowledge and minimal efforts, you can load your website much faster on every server. It will lead to better traffic, better SEO and most importantly, best conversion!

7. SleekNote

Have you ever stumbled across a website where a great visual popped up and you just HAD TO share your email? Well, Sleeknote does exactly that for you.

Although website popups are mostly renowned for collecting emails, popups can actually do a lot more for your e-commerce store. Recent studies show that shopping cart abandonment rate has drastically increased to an average of 75%, with an exit-intent popup, you can easily reduce the abandonment rate.

With Sleeknote, you can make visually appealing popups in minutes, even if you don't have a designer for yourself.

8.  NotificationX

NotificationX is the best rapidly growing Social Proof & FOMO plugin for WordPress. What is Social Proof? Social proof is the way of showing your visitors how real people are making purchases from your website online.

"Rebeca made a purchase 5 minutes ago" is a far better sales message you can provide your customer than any of your marketing activities. Indeed, social proof has been known to optimize conversions up to 15%.

NotificationX provides great sales notifications aligning with your woocommerce plugin. It also has customizable notification bars that can create FOMO in your customers.

And as long as you're happy using their templates, it's absolutely free!

9. PushEngage

Your email list is of no use if you don’t end up reaching your customer base. PushEngage helps you send push notifications to customers even when they are not directly in your site. With PushEngage you can send:

a) company update

b) New Product information

c) Coupons/ discounts and many more!

And if you already have an AI chatbot installed like MyAlice, you can start responding to related queries in an instant, a combination that has the potential to generate 10x sales on your website!

10. MailChimp

MailChimp is undoubtedly world's one of the most popular tool for sending bulk emails or working with email subscriptions. If you've delved a little into marketing, chances are, you're already familiar with MailChimp.

But, the good news is, MailChimp also has a plugin for your WordPress and woocommerce and can be dealt right from your admin dashboard. With MailChimp, you can easily maintain and update multiple lists of subscribers.

11. Klaviyo

Whilst MailChimp is definitely a starter's go-to email marketing tool, Klaviyo offers an amazing array of customizable features. So, if you know what you're doing in your email marketing, and what your expectations are, you should definitely give Klaviyo a chance.

Klaviyo also helps you with more in-depth automation analytics and real-time performance data with which you can gradually improve your email marketing campaigns.

So, if you've got an experienced marketing team and an already existing ecommerce website, it's time to put them to use to earn 85x return with Klaviyo's email marketing.

Best Wordpress Sales & Analytics Plugins

12. Site Kit by Google

Google has a bunch of tools you need to integrate with your website. Every online Ecommerce store uses Google search console and google analytics. If you're into search engine marketing, of course you use google adsense. But, is there any way to find all google tools in one place?

With Site Kit by Google, you can navigate through all the google tools right from your WordPress dashboard. This open source plugin makes it extremely easy for you to integrate and utilize various different features that comes with different google tools!

A plugin that can accumulate and display other software in one place? WordPress Plugins are definitely looking to start more promising, aren't they?

13. Cartflows

Cartflows is the best sales funnel for wordpress. What is a sales funnel in simple term? A sales funnel is a process where you help your potential buyers decide to go with buying your product.

If your website has cartflows plugin, you can optimize your conversion rate like Magic. 61% marketers think that lead generation is the most difficult challenge for them. With cartflows, you can turn those casual visitors a part of your mailing list, and of course MyAlice will assist any visitor have a conversation anytime you need!

So, with a sales funnel in place and prompt response to drive visitors into leads, your ECommerce website will soon turn into a selling machine like never before!


Ever wondered how dropshipping works? Dropshipping is enabling a supplier through your website to make a sell where all the logistics are handled by third party and you can keep the profit without ever investing in inventories!

It is arguably one of twenty first century's finest profit center and printful is the best wordpress plugin that can take you there. Printful works with various sorts of products including and not limited to apparels, home & living items, jewelry and more!

By installing the plugin, all you need to do is upload your designs and make sales happen, the rest will be taken care on behalf of you by the team of Printful itself! Fascinating, right?

With Printful, you don't have to move to shopify or use oberlo, you can do it right from your woocommerce store!

15. YITH Woocommerce

YITH Woocommerce is definitely worth looking into as they serve a wide array of plugins that can help you convert and optimize your sales, build customer loyalty and increasing their share of wallet.

To talk about their standout plugin, we must mention the YITH Product slider that can help your customers easily navigate between different products. You can also choose to look into useful plugins like frequently bought together or recently viewed products, which are, as the names suggest, self explanatory.

The best thing about YITH Woocommerce is that all the plugins  are compatible with each other and you gain additional values by installing all of them. Now, which ones you want, are entirely up to you but the library is definitely worth looking into for the sake of your ecommerce store.

We have discussed 15 Plugins to set things up for your WordPress ecommerce store. Whilst we have helped you gather insights on different competitors, we have also shown how different plugins can work closely with one another. Our suggestion is once you set things up by investing in the right platform, start trying all these plugins one by one and run your own process of elimination, and adapt to the best plugins that work with your business.

Let us know in the comments how these plugins turned out for your WordPress website.

Interested to know more about MyAlice? Try it for free!

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