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MyAlice is the multi-channel customer service solution and virtual assistant built for e-commerce and online businesses which helps you increase sales and reduce support costs while providing memorable experiences.

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Best D2C brands from e-commerce to fashion, FMCG and even banks use our customer service solution and virtual assistant every day. Why wait to set up #yourAlice?

Your customers deserve the best and fastest support...

… and you deserve some peace of mind! Aren’t you tired of bouncing around between different messaging platforms, losing track of who’s who and missing out on sales potential? MyAlice saves you time and resources while making your e-commerce customer service stand out with quickly dealt tickets and promptly resolved complaints.

Customers complain hoping for fixes, but...

78% of customers feel irritated because they need to relay the same information to multiple employees of a company across different conversational channels and you end up losing them forever.

Queries are opportunities to sell - for a lifetime!

75% of online shoppers and potential customers expect help within 5 minutes. When their questions aren’t answered fast enough, off they go to the next store! Who said patience is a virtue?

Never settle - aim higher!

More customers means more opportunities, but it also means more work and likeliness of getting your team overworked. Your team can always be more efficient with the right e-commerce helpdesk.

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A conversation starts with a “Hello” and ends with a “Good Bye,” but has given us a way to add continuity to our conversations. Our conversations don't just end with “Good Bye" anymore; MyAlice enables us to do so much more than converse with clients / leads / candidates. It enables us to engage with them (and impress them), no matter which channel they choose to message us. This leads to better sales lifecycle and client management.
F. Patrick Cuartero
F. Patrick Cuartero — CEO, Skyrocket Studios PH, Inc.

Sell more through your support channels!

MyAlice virtual assistant - chatbot if you will - generates and qualifies leads for your team, so you focus on conversions.

MyAlice understands user preferences and recommends similar products. Track previous orders, viewed products, products in the cart and sell more through up-selling and cross-selling.

Set up automated follow-ups and convert more enquiries to sales. Provide live chat for e-commerce to your customers by switching to manual support anytime. Oftentimes all your customers need is a little push - MyAlice will never let you forget those crucial nudges again.

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Make your customer service set-up more efficient!

The Virtual Assistant - chatbot if you’re on the fancy end, macros, actions and quick replies help your support team gain efficiency and productivity.

Don’t juggle between software to converse with your customers across separate channels. All your channels - from your website chat to multiple social messaging platforms - bundled together. Multi-channel support merged into one fast to set up, easy to manage platform.

Connect your e-commerce store to our e-commerce helpdesk to benefit from our stock integration automations. No more checking your store manually each time you get a sales query on each of your different channels. Create an order, initiate a refund, check your inventory - seamlessly from MyAlice. Integrate with WooCommerce, Shopify, and other major e-commerce solutions.

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Craft memorable and loveable brand experiences ♥

E-commerce customer relationship management has never been easier! Prioritize tickets by clients and types of queries so you can answer quickly through MyAlice - enabling an instant first-level support by your virtual assistant.

Happy customers will share positive experiences with as many as 6 people. Provide personalized experiences to convert window visitors to happy customers. Fuel your brand growth through positive reviews and referrals.

When customers need to relay the same information to multiple employees of a company or through multiple channels, they become frustrated. MyAlice keeps all your actionable data in one place making it easier for anyone to provide the best support at all times.

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Transform your online customer experiences today!

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