3X Your revenue with MyAlice all-in-one conversational commerce platform

MyAlice reduces the complexity of managing customer conversations in multiple channels and empowers e-commerces to sell more, easily.

MyAlice Partner Program

Partner Benefits

Official MyAlice partners receive all the sales, marketing and technology support to skyrocket their revenue funnel!

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Revenue Share

One of our core benefits is that we share an amount of revenue for each client you bring in, and this occurs for the full duration of the customer life cycle.

Sales Lead

We will provide you with eligible sales lead when they come our way or through research. This is so you benefit greatly in terms of clients alongside us.

Top Class Support

We have a strong and competent team standing by to help out in any way. We also assign a partner manager to help out even furthur. Finally we provide both technical and general training on how to use our platform.

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A conversation starts with a “Hello” and ends with a “Good Bye,” but MyAlice.ai has given us a way to add continuity to our conversations. Our conversations don't just end with “Good Bye" anymore; MyAlice enables us to do so much more than converse with clients / leads / candidates.

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Automating customer service has never been easier for us. All the data we needed to know was all there in one place.

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Vireak Kunthy

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Alice Labs gives us a great platform with amazing support to create solutions that our clients love.

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MyAlice Partnership Program

Choose the Partnership Model that defines you best!


Partner with us to send potential clients our way, while you earn a monthly recurring commission of no less than 20%.

Technology Partner

Technology partners help the omni channel chatbot cross-sell by implementing integrations with MyAlice so that end customers of both platforms can benefit from the technology.


Promote us, recommend us or introduce us to a new client. Earn 50% commission for each referral!

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our Partner Support team.

Am I the right MyAlice Partner?
You provide at least one of the following services for your clients: Demand Generation, Account-Based Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid Acquisition, Website Design, G2M Consulting, Sales Consulting, and Systems Integrations. You already implement technologies like or similar to Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Demandbase, Salesforce, Outreach, or other best-in-class software. The companies you help have around 100 employees or more with a dedicated sales team.
How does MyAlice help my business?
MyAlice helps you reduce the time-to-value for your clients. MyAlice Technology Partners help their clients drive more leads, book more meetings, and grow pipeline and revenue quickly. You’ve never looked so good to your clients! Grow the lifetime value of your clients. MyAlice partners who help their clients fix their website conversion problems see their clients spend more money with their business and stay longer! When you reduce the time-to-value for your clients by using Alice, your lifetime value grows as well. Tie your business to tangible results like leads captured, meetings booked, pipeline created, and revenue generated – instead of tasks
How much does it cost to be MyAlice Partner?
Nothing! For organizations who qualify, joining the MyAlice Solutions Partner Program is 100% FREE. We don’t charge you any partner or training fees.